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Data Acquisition and Dissemination in Sensor Networks

  • Turkmen CanliEmail author
  • Ashfaq Khokhar
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Data acquisition; Data collection; Data gathering


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are deployed to monitor and subsequently communicate various aspects of physical environment, e.g., acoustics, visual, motion, vibration, heat, light, moisture, pressure, radio, magnetic, biological, etc. Data acquisition and dissemination protocols for WSNs are aimed at collecting information from sensor nodes and forwarding it to the subscribing entities such that maximum data rate is achieved while maximizing the overall network life time. The information can be simple raw data or processed using basic signal processing techniques such as filtering, aggregation/compression, event detection, etc.

Historical Background

Wireless sensor networks consist of tiny dispensable smart sensor nodes, with limited battery power and processing/communication capabilities. In addition, these networks also employ more powerful “sink” node(s) that collect information from the sensor nodes and...

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