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Data Warehouse Metadata

  • Panos VassiliadisEmail author
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Data warehouse metadata are pieces of information stored in one or more special-purpose metadata repositories that include (i) information on the contents of the data warehouse, their location and their structure, (ii) information on the processes that take place in the data warehouse back-stage, concerning the refreshment of the warehouse with clean, up-to-date, semantically and structurally reconciled data, (iii) information on the implicit semantics of data (with respect to a common enterprise model), along with any other kind of data that aids the end-user exploit the information of the warehouse, (iv) information on the infrastructure and physical characteristics of components and the sources of the data warehouse, and, (v) information including security, authentication, and usage statistics that aids the administrator tune the operation of the data warehouse as appropriate.

Historical Background

Data warehouses are systems with significant complexity in their...
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