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Geospatial Metadata

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Geographical metadata


Geospatial metadata are C a type of metadata used to describe geospatial data. Data described by geospatial metadata relates to objects that have an explicit or implicit geographic extent or position on the surface of the Globe. Geospatial metadata can be used to create metadata catalogues or directories that describe geographic features of data stored in any environment, ranging from data stored in geographic information systems (GIS) to simple documents, datasets, images, or even services. Geospatial metadata captures the basic characteristics of geospatial data and represents the what, the when, the where, and the who of the geospatial data. A typical geospatial metadata record includes catalog elements such as title, abstract, and publication data; geographic elements such as geographic extent and projection information; and database elements such as attribute label definitions and attribute domain values.

Historical Background

The interest...

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