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Self-Maintenance of Views

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A data warehouse is a collection of materialized views derived from base relations that may not reside at the warehouse. It is important to keep the views up to date in response to changes to the base relations. Self-maintenance of views involves maintaining the views, using information that is strictly local to the warehouse: the view definitions and the view contents. Such self-maintenance of views (whenever possible) is more efficient than incremental maintenance or recomputation of views.

Key Points

In a data warehouse, views are computed and stored in the database to allow efficient querying and analysis of the data. These views stored at the data warehouse are known as materialized viewsand are defined in terms of the base relations residing in data sources that may or may not be local to the warehouse. To keep the views consistent with the base data, any change reported by the data sources must be reflected in the views. In response to the changes at the base...

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