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2018 Edition
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Benchmark Frameworks

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A benchmark framework is a collection of tools for generating and executing benchmarks. Examples include HammerDB and YCSB;

HammerDB is a tool for executing benchmarks on relational database systems. It supports a range of existing relational database systems. It is configured to run TPC-C and TPC-H benchmarks (including schema creation, data generation, measurements, and workload execution). It can also capture and replay traces on Oracle databases. HammerDB provides a visual interface and a command line interface for additional scripting and automation.

YCSB is a tool for characterizing the performance of cloud-based data serving systems. It supports a range of existing data platforms including document databases, key-value stores, full-text search engines, BigTable databaes, block stores, and relational databases. It is configured to run latency benchmarks (with variable load on the data serving system) as well as throughput benchmarks (with a variable number of servers...

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Recommended Reading

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