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Column Stores

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Column-oriented DBMS; Columnar DBMS


A column store is a database powered with column-oriented storage and access mechanisms. At the conceptual schema level, a column store consists of multiple columns. Some related columns can be grouped to a column family. Furthermore, several column families can form a super column, which can be seen as a “view” on a number of tables [8]. Super column can also be viewed as a map of tables.

At physical storage level, a column store places all values of a column in a sequential order on a storage media, then the values of the next column, and so on. Storing data column by column makes it possible to retrieve data in a column without fetching other columns. The column-oriented approach is in contrast to row-oriented databases or row stores and can significantly speed up column-based access.

The column store is made popular by Google’s Bigtable [7], which is also considered as a column family store.

Historical Background

Column store...

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