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Object Storage Protocol

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Archive storage; Cloud storage; Key-value storage; Object storage


A RESTful protocol-based interface that is used to access storage in the form of objects.

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Traditional network attached protocols (NAS) provide support for POSIX semantics. Supporting POSIX makes the NAS protocols quite complex to both understand and implement. In comparison, the object protocol provides a RESTful interface (simple get and put operations) where typically one does not update an object. Instead, every update usually leads towards the creation of a new object. Object storage protocols do not adhere to POSIX semantics. Key-value interface is a specific form of object protocol where the value corresponds to an object. The underlying architecture for implementing a storage system that supports small objects (few kilobytes) is fundamentally very different than a storage system that has been designed for supporting large (mega or gigabytes) objects. Typically, a storage system that...

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