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Serializable Snapshot Isolation

  • Alan FeketeEmail author
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SerializableSI; SSI


Serializable Snapshot Isolation is a multi-version concurrency control approach that shares many features of Snapshot Isolation and, in addition, ensures that all executions of the system have the property of serializability. A transaction T that operates under Serializable Snapshot Isolation (like a transaction in Snapshot Isolation) never observes any effects from other transactions that overlap T in duration; instead T sees values as if it were operating on a private copy or snapshot of the database, reflecting all other transactions that had committed before Tstarted. Serializable Snapshot Isolation allows reads to occur without delay or blocking caused by concurrent updates, and also updates are never blocked by concurrent readers, so Snapshot Isolation often gives the transactions better throughput than traditional concurrency control based on two-phase locking. Serializable Snapshot Isolation guarantees that every execution is...

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