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Uncertain Graph Data Management

  • Lin LiuEmail author
  • Victor E. Lee
  • Ruoming Jin
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Probabilistic graph data management


Generally speaking, uncertain graph data management comprises all disciplines or industries concerned with uncertain graph data as a valuable resource. The field of uncertain graph data management may be viewed as one important branch for both uncertain data management and graph data management, but there is as yet no widely accepted precise definition for uncertain graph data management in the database domain. Uncertain graph data management can be loosely described as the basic processes on uncertain graph data to provide valuable information to users, including data modeling, data integration, data indexing, and query processing.

Historical Background

The initial motivation for studying uncertain graphs originated from designing reliable systems, such as electrical networks or computer communication networks. In the late 1950s, von Neumann [22] and Moore and Shannon [18] investigated the theoretical construction of reliable...

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