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2018 Edition
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Uncertain Data Models

  • Christoph KochEmail author
  • Dan Olteanu
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Data models for incomplete information; Probabilistic data models; Representation systems


An uncertain data model is a system for representing incomplete or uncertain data. An uncertain database asserts that a database is in one of multiple alternative states (possible worlds), each being a standard database. A probability distribution can be assigned to the set of possible worlds.

A detailed account of relational uncertain data models and their evolution, as well as related computational aspects, is given in a recent research monograph [1].

Scientific Fundamentals

Basic Terminology and Possible Worlds Semantics

An uncertain data model or representation system is an abstraction and method for representing uncertain or incomplete data in a database system.

This entry focuses on uncertain relational data models, that is, data models that aim to represent relational databases consisting of finiterelations that hold data tuples, with the additional challenge that the...

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Recommended Reading

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