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Mobile Resource Search

  • Sergio IlarriEmail author
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Event discovery in mobile computing; Mobile discovery of local resources; Mobile local search; Mobile local search for spatiotemporal resources


In mobile computing environments, mobile users frequently need to access different types of resources to satisfy a certain need. For this purpose, an appropriate resource must first be identified and located. This is a difficult problem, due to several factors. First of all, as users move from one location to another, the appropriate resources may change continuously: they must be both accessible for the user (e.g., within a reachable range) and relevant for his/her intended purpose; this problem is further compounded when the resources are also mobile (e.g., in the scenario of a user searching for a taxi). Secondly, many resources are scarce and used in mutual exclusion (e.g., parking spaces, non-shareable taxi cabs, etc.), which may eventually generate a competition among mobile users to try to get the resource. Thirdly,...

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