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Visual Query Languages for Data Stream

  • Tiziana CatarciEmail author
  • Mariano Leva
  • Massimo Mecella
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4614-8265-9_80666


Visual query language (VQL); Visual query system (VQS)


A particular type of visual query language specifically targeted for data stream processing. As the classical visual query languages, it provides a language, consisting of a set of visual constructs, to express, in a visual format, queries on data transmitted in a continuous and unbounded fashion (i.e., data streams). It is important to note that this class of languages can be seen as an extension of the generic visual query languages (for further details, consult the entry on the encyclopedia), due to the fact that they can query, in a visual manner and using the same criteria of classical VQLs, both data streams and classical relational databases. They are oriented to a wide spectrum of users, even those ones who have some knowledge about concepts related to data streaming but with no skills in developing code.

Historical Background

The importance of data streams in the information technology field is...

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