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2018 Edition
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Spatial-Keyword Search

  • Kian-Lee TanEmail author
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Spatial-keyword query processing; Top-k spatial-keyword search


Consider a set of spatial-textual objects where each object consists of a spatial location and a textual description. A spatial-keyword search retrieves objects of interest based on both spatial proximity to the query location and the textual relevance to the query keywords. Typically, the spatial proximity is based on distance, while the textual similarity is measured using an information retrieval model such as the cosine similarity or the language model. Query answers are usually ranked based on a linear combination of the two aspects. The goal of spatial-keyword query processing is to return the relevant answers while minimizing the processing cost.

Historical Background

Web content has traditionally been queried using keyword search. More recently, the web has taken on a new dimension – the spatial dimension. On one hand, the prevalence of GPS-enabled smartphones and social network systems has...

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