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2018 Edition
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Data Migration Management

  • Aaron J. ElmoreEmail author
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Data migration; Database migration; Live database migration


Database migration can refer to one of several concepts. The first being the migration of data either between database management systems (i.e., moving data from DBMS X to DBMS Y ) or between versions of the same database management system (i.e., moving from DBMS X version 8.1 to version 8.3). Second, database migration can refer to a change in schema, typically the result of an application change. Third, and the focus of this article, refers to the migration of data between two database servers, typically for the purposes of load balancing or server maintenance. Migrating a database with no observable unavailability (downtime) and minimal performance degradation is referred to as live database migration.

Historical Background

The earliest migration techniques were developed for process migration in prototype operating systems, such as V-System and Sprite [5]. These techniques focus on migrating a running...

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