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Semantic Crowdsourcing

  • Elena SimperlEmail author
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Semantic crowdsourcing; Crowdsourcing for the Semantic Web


The term covers the bilateral relationship between two research areas, one associated with semantic technologies and related topics such as knowledge representation, linked data, and the Semantic Web, and the other one with approaches to problem solving involving crowd participation. One angle on the term refers to the use of different crowdsourcing paradigms, methods, and platforms to solve tasks that are related to semantic technologies. Complementarily, one could also consider the application of semantic technologies as a means to design and implement crowdsourcing tools.

How about Concepts and Applications?

Crowdsourcing is increasingly applied in various settings from using gamification techniques to motivate employees (employees as a crowd), to challenges and prizes rewarding ideas for product development and innovation (both enterprise internal and open crowds), to financially rewarded microtasks as a...

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