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Content-Only Query

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CO query; Content-only query


A content-only query is a formulation of an information need in XML retrieval or, more generally, in semi-structured text retrieval that does not contain information regarding the structure of the desired result.

Key Points

Content-only query or CO query is a term from semi-structured text retrieval, used predominantly for XML retrieval. The term refers to a specific way of querying a semi-structured document collection. Content-only queries ignore the structure of the collection and only refer to the (topical) content of the desired result. In that sense, they are similar to the keyword queries typically used in traditional information retrieval systems or in web search engines. The fact that structural information is lacking from the query formulation does not mean structure does not play a role. When a content-only query is posed, it is up to the retrieval system to decide the appropriate level of granularity to satisfy the...

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