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W3C XML path language; W3C XML query language


XPath (XML path language) and XQuery (XML query language) are query languages defined by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) for querying XML documents.

XPath is a language based on path expressions that allows the selection of parts of a given XML document. In addition it also allows some minor computations resulting in values such as strings, numbers or booleans. The semantics of the language is based on a representation of the information content of an XML document as an ordered tree. An XPath expression consist usually of a series of steps that each navigate through this tree in a certain direction and select the nodes in that direction that satisfy certain properties.

XQuery is a declarative, statically typed query language for querying collections of XML documents such as the World Wide Web, a file system or a database. It is based on the same interpretation of XML documents as XPath, and includes XPath as a...

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