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Non-clustering index


A tree-based index is called a secondary index if the order which it maintains on the search-key values is not the same as the order of the file which it indexes. For example, consider a relation R with some numeric attribute A taking values over an (ordered) domain D. Assume that relation R is not physically stored on the values of attribute A (i.e., relation R is either stored as a heap – an unordered file, or is ordered on another attribute). Furthermore, assume that a tree-based index (e.g., B+ -tree) has been created on attribute A. Then this index is secondary.

Key Points

Tree-based indices are built on numeric attributes and maintain an order among the indexed search-key values. They are further categorized by whether their search-key ordering is the same with the file’s physical order (if any). Note that a file may or may not be ordered. Ordered is a file whose records are stored in pages according to the order of the values of an...

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