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A polytransaction T+ is a transitive closure of a transaction T submitted to an Interdependent Data Management System (a type of a multidatabase system which enforces dependencies among related data objects). The transitive closure is computed with respect to an Interdatabase Dependency Schema (IDS) consisting of a collection of data dependency descriptors (D3s), which specify the dependencies between data objects.

Key Points

Data objects in multiple (possibly distributed and/or heterogeneous) systems which form dependencies among them are called interdependent data. These dependencies are identified through data dependency descriptors (D3s). A D3 specifies the relationships between source and target objects including how much inconsistency can be tolerated between them before it is necessary to restore it, and the actions to take to maintain consistency when it reaches intolerable levels. All these D3s together form an Interdatabase Dependency Schema (IDS) [3].

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