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Flex Transactions

  • Aidong ZhangEmail author
  • Bharat Bhargava
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ConTracts; Flexible transactions; S-transactions


In database systems, a transaction is a sequence of actions performed on data items in a database. In a distributed database environment, a global transaction is a set of subtransactions, where each subtransaction is a transaction accessing the data items at a single local site. The flex transaction model supports flexible execution control flow by specifying two types of dependencies among the subtransactions of a global transaction: (i) execution ordering dependencies between two subtransactions, and (ii) alternative dependencies between two subsets of subtransactions.

Key Points

Flexible transaction models, such as ConTracts, Flex Transactions, S-transactions, and others [1, 2, 3], increase the failure resilience of global transactions by allowing alternate subtransactions to be executed when a local database site fails or a subtransaction aborts. In a non-flexible transaction, a global subtransaction abort is...

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