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Split Transactions

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The split transaction is an extended transaction model that introduces two new transaction management primitives/operations, namely, split and join. The split operation on a transaction T splits T and replaces it with two serializable transactions; each one is later committed or aborted independently of the other. The inverse of split is the join operation on a transaction T which dissolves T by joining its results with a target transaction S.

Key Points

The concept of split transactions was introduced by Pu, Kaiser, and Hutchinson in [ 3] and later elaborated in [ 2] to support open-ended activities such as CAD/CAM projects, engineering type of applications, and software development. The syntax of the split-transaction operation on transaction T produces two new transactions A and B and dissolves T [ 2, 3]:
  • Split Transaction (

  • A: (AReadSet, AWriteSet, AProcedure)

  • B: (BReadSet, BWriteSet, BProcedure)) where AReadSet, AWriteSet, BReadSet, and BWriteSetare sets of data items...

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