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Distributed Deadlock Management

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Deadlocks in distributed database systems


In a database that supports locking protocol, accesses to data are controlled using locks. Whenever a transaction needs to access a shared object, it will be granted a lock (and hence access) to the object if there is no other conflicting locks on the object; otherwise, the requesting transaction has to wait. A deadlock occurs when transactions accessing shared data objects are waiting indefinitely in a circular fashion until a special action (such as aborting one of the transactions) is taken. In a distributed database environment, deadlocks can occur locally at a single site, or across sites where a chain of transactions may be waiting for one another to release the locks over a set of shared objects.

For example, consider two data objects o1 and o2 stored at site 1 and site 2 respectively. Suppose two transactions, T1 and T2, initiated at site 1 and site 2, are updating o1 and o2 concurrently. As T1 is updating o1at...

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