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2018 Edition
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Distributed Query Optimization

  • Stéphane BressanEmail author
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Query optimization in distributed database systems


Distributed query optimization refers to the process of producing a plan for the processing of a query to a distributed database system. The plan is called a query execution plan. In a distributed database system, schema and queries refer to logical units of data. In a relational distributed relation database system, for instance, logical units of data are relations. These units may be fragmented at the underlying physical level. The fragments, which can be redundant and replicated, are allocated to different database servers in the distributed system.

A query execution plan consists of operators and their allocation to servers. Standard physical operators, usually implementing the data model’s algebra, are used to process data and to consolidate intermediary and final results. Communication operators realize the transfer, sending and receiving, of data from one server to another. In the case of fragmentation the...

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