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2018 Edition
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Distributed Query Processing

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Distributed query; Distributed query optimization


Distributed query processing is the procedure of answering queries (which means mainly read operations on large data sets) in a distributed environment where data is managed at multiple sites in a computer network. Query processing involves the transformation of a high-level query (e.g., formulated in SQL) into a query execution plan (consisting of lower-level query operators in some variation of relational algebra) as well as the execution of this plan. The goal of the transformation is to produce a plan which is equivalent to the original query (returning the same result) and efficient, i.e., to minimize resource consumption like total costs or response time.

Historical Background

Motivated by the needs of large companies and organizations that manage their data at different sites, distributed database systems are subject of research since the late 1970s. In these years, three important prototype systems were...

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