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Event Cloud

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Event Cloud is a partially ordered set of events (poset), either bounded or unbounded, where the partial orderings are imposed by the causal, timing and other relationships between the events [2].

Key Points

Event cloud [ 1] consists of a set of events and one or more partial order relations. The following event relations are being used:
  • Causality relation: Each collection of events can be considered as an event cloud, the causality relation creates a partial order relation among a collection of events, causality is transitive, anti-symmetric, and non-reflexive.

  • Precedes relation: defined as event e1 precedes event e2, if it occurs in e1 occurs in reality before event e2. This is a partially order set – since the relative timing may not be known, or may overlap, if occur during an interval.

Event cloud can be defined over the entire collection of events that flow through some system within a certain bounded or unbounded time [3, 4]. A special case of event cloud is all...

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