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Event Flow

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Event causality graph


An event flow is a partially ordered graph that traces event instances and causality relations among them.

Key Points

When an event instance is produced by an event source [1] and transferred to the event processing network, an entry node is created into the “event flow” of the specific application, every event created by an event processing agent is added to the event flow, such that, if the input event instances to the event processing agent are <ei_1,…,ei_n> and the output event instances are <eo_1,…,eo_m> then an edge in the event flow is created for all pairs of the type.

<ei_i, eo_k> where i = 1,…,n and k = 1,…,m. This denotes that there is some causality between the input event-instance and the output event-instance. An event flow may go beyond a single event processing network [3]; an input event to an orchestration node in a sink triggers an action, which in turn, creates more events.

Event flows [2] are being used for purposes of...

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