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Uncertainty in Events

  • Segev WasserkrugEmail author
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Event uncertainty


Uncertainty in events is uncertainty regarding either the occurrence of an event, or uncertainty regarding the data values associated with an event. This uncertainty is a result of a gap between the actual occurrences of events in the real world, and the availability of knowledge regarding the events.

Historical Background

The first event-based systems were active databases, in which automatic actions were carried out as a result of database queries. This was done using the ECA(Event-Condition-Action) paradigm. However, in many such database applications, the events of interest were not the results of single queries, (e.g., insertion or deletion of data), but rather could be deterministically inferred from several such queries. To facilitate such inferences, event inference languages were defined. Initially such languages were specific to active databases (e.g., SNOOP and ODE). However, more general languages were developed suitable for...

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