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Event Causality

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The definition of an event processing network includes a relation to express un-modeled event processing logic between events.

The fact that events of type eT1 cause events of type eT2 is denoted by the relation causes(eT1,eT2).

In an EPN where E is the set of edges representing event streams, EC is the set of Event Channels, C is the set of Event Consumers and P is the set of Event Producers, the relation is evaluated to be true if events of type eT1 flow in an event stream e1(u,v): e1E, uEC, vC and events of type eT2 flow in an event stream e2(m,l): e2E, mP, lEC and there is some un-modeled event processing logic between events of type eT1 consumed by ve1 and events of type eT2 produced by me2.

Key Points

The event processing intent defined by an event processing network may not cover the entire flow of events through systems as there may be cases where an event is handled by an event consumer, such as a software application, and as a result the application...

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