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Storage Security

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Access control; Authentication; CAS; Compliance; Data corruption; LUN masking; On-disk security; On-wire security; Port binding; Provenance; Watermarking; WORM; Zoning


The definition of storage security has many facets, and some of the key requirements are:

  • Storage (and the appropriate manipulation capabilities) should only be accessible and visible to users with the appropriate permissions

  • Users should be notified if their data has been tampered with or altered either intentionally or unintentionally

  • Malicious users should not be allowed to access or tamper with other people’s storage. If possible, the system should be able to catch malicious users.

  • User’s data should be physically deleted at the appropriate time. That is, it should not be present past its intended life-time

  • Tracking unauthorized copying or access control delegations is also an important security concern.

Historical Background

Security has been a key computer science topic for many decades....

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Recommended Reading

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