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Application Benchmark

  • Denilson BarbosaEmail author
  • Ioana Manolescu
  • Jeffrey Xu Yu
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Benchmark; Performance benchmark


An application benchmark is a suite of tasks that are representative of typical workloads in an application domain.

Key Points

Unlike a MICROBENCHMARK, an application benchmark specifies broader tasks that are aimed at exercising most components of a system or tool. Each individual task in the benchmark is assigned a relative weight, usually reflecting its frequency or importance in the application being modeled. A meaningful interpretation of the benchmark results has to take these weights into account.

The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) is a body with a long history of defining and published benchmarks for database systems. For instance, it has defined benchmarks for Online Transaction Processing applications (TPC-C and TPC-E), Decision Support applications (TPC-H), and for an Application Server setting (TPC-App).

Other examples of application benchmarks are: the OO1 and OO7 benchmarks, developed for...

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