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Time Aggregated Graphs

  • Betsy GeorgeEmail author
  • Shashi Shekhar
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Time-dependent graphs; Time-dependent networks


A time aggregated graph [1, 2] is a model that can be used to represent a spatio-temporal network. The topology and the attributes in a spatio-temporal network are typically time-dependent. Time aggregated graphs aggregate the time-dependent attributes over edges and nodes. This model facilitates the computation of path queries on a network accounting for the time-dependence of network parameters.

Key Points

Graphs have been extensively used to model spatial networks; weights assigned to nodes and edges are used to encode additional information. For example, the travel time between two intersections in a road network can be represented by the weight of the edge connecting the nodes that represent the intersections. In a real world scenario, it is not uncommon for these network parameters to be time-dependent. A time aggregated graph is a model that can capture the time-dependence of network parameters. In addition, the...

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