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Biomedical Scientific Textual Data Types and Processing

  • Li ZhouEmail author
  • Hua Xu
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Annotation; Biomedical literature; Curation; Indexing; Information retrieval; Information retrieval models/metrics/operations; MEDLINE/PubMed; Scientific knowledge bases; Semi-structured text retrieval; Text extraction; Text mining; Web search and crawling


Vast amounts of biomedical scientific information and knowledge are recorded in text [1, 7]. Various scientific textual data in the biomedical domain may generally be disseminated through the following resources [7, 11]: biomedical literature (e.g., original reports and summaries of research in journals, books, reports, and guidelines), biological databases (e.g., annotations in gene/protein databases), patient records (e.g., clinical narrative reports), and web content.

A variety of techniques have been applied to identify, extract, manage, integrate and exploit knowledge from biomedical text. Some researchers [ 11] divide biomedical scientific textual data processing into three major activities as shown in Fig. 1...
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