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WAN Data Replication

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Wide-area data replication


The field of WAN data replication covers the problems and solutions for distributing and replicating data across wide-area networks. Concentrating on databases alone, a wide-area database is defined as a collection of multiple, logically interrelated databases distributed and possibly replicated across sites that are connected through a wide-area network.

The characteristic feature is that data are spread across sites that are separated through wide-area links. Unlike links in local-area networks, the quality of communication through wide-area links is relatively poor. Links are subject to latencies of tens to thousands of milliseconds, there are often severe bandwidth restrictions, and connections between sites are much less reliable.

In principle, WAN data replication also covers the distribution and replication of plain files. These issues are traditionally handled by wide-area distributed file systems such as AFS [1] and NFS [2, 3],...

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