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Video Segmentation

  • Nevenka DimitrovaEmail author
  • Lalitha Agnihotri
  • Mauro Barbieri
  • Hans Weda
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Logical story unit segmentation; Scene change detection; Shot segmentation; Shot-cut detection; Video chaptering; Video partitioning; Video shot-cut detection


Video (temporal) segmentation is the process of partitioning a video sequence into disjoint sets of consecutive frames that are homogeneous according to some defined criteria. In the most common types of segmentation, video is partitioned into shots, camera-takes, or scenes. A camera take is a sequence of frames captured by a video camera from the moment it starts capturing to the moment it stops. During montage, camera takes are trimmed, split, and inserted one after the other to compose an edited version of a video. The basic element of an edited video is called shot. A shot is a contiguous sequence of frames belonging to a single camera take in an edited video. Content-wise, shots usually possess some degree of visual uniformity. A sceneis a group of contiguous shots that form a semantically meaningful...

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