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Temporal XML

  • Curtis E. DyresonEmail author
  • Fabio Grandi
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Temporal semistructured data


Temporal XML is a timestamped instance of an XML data model or, alternatively, an XML document with specially interpreted timestamps which is parsed into a timestamped instance of an XML data model. An XML data model instance is a tree or graph in which each node corresponds to an element, attribute, or value, and each edge represents the lexical nesting of the child in the parent’s content. In temporal XML, a timestamp is added to some nodes or edges in the instance. The timestamp represents the lifetime of the node or edge in one or more temporal dimensions, usually valid time or transaction time. As an example, Fig. 1 shows a fragment of a temporal XML data model. The bibliographic data in the figure contains information about publishers, books, and authors. The figure also has timestamps that represent when each piece of data was entered into the data collection (i.e., the timestamps represent the transaction-timelifetime of each...
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