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2018 Edition
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Structured Document Retrieval

  • Mounia LalmasEmail author
  • Ricardo Baeza-Yates
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Focused retrieval; Passage retrieval; Querying semi-structured data; Structured text retrieval; XML retrieval


Structured document retrieval is concerned with the retrieval of document fragments. The structure of the document, whether explicitly provided by a mark-up language or derived, is exploited to determine the most relevant document fragments to return as answers to a given query. The identified most relevant document fragments can themselves be used to determine the most relevant documents to return as answers to the given query.

Key Points

The aim of this entry is to clarify different terminologies that have been used to refer to or are strongly related to structured retrieval and semi-structured data.

The term “structured document retrieval,” which was introduced in the early to mid 1990s in the information retrieval community, refers to “passage retrieval” and “structured text retrieval.” In passage retrieval, documents are first decomposed into passages...

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