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2018 Edition
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Secure Database Development

  • Jan JurjensEmail author
  • Eduardo B. Fernandez
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Secure database design; Secure DBMS development


This entry considers how to build secure database system software. In particular, it describes how to build a general-purpose database management system where security is an important design parameter. For the database community, the words secure database design may refer to the schema design to produce a database for a specific application with some level of security properties. There is a large amount of literature on this latter subject and a related entry in this encyclopedia (Database security). This entry concentrates mostly on how to build the software of a DBMS such that it exhibits security properties, which is called secure database development. Both approaches are contrasted so that the reader can decide which one of these problems applies to their specific case but more space is dedicated to the general secure database development problem.

Historical Background

While there is a large number of papers on...

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