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Relational Model

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Relational database


The Relational Model describes data as named relations of labeled values. For example, customer ID’s can relate with customer names and addresses in the relational model as Customer: {<(CustomerID, 11111), (Name, Pat), (Address, 12 Maple)>, <(CustomerID, 22222), (Name, Tracy), (Address, 44 Elm)>}. In this example, there is a name for the relation - Customer; label-value pairs - e.g., (CustomerID, 11111), which provide the labeled values; and tuples - e.g., <(CustomerID, 11111), (Name, Pat), (Address, 12 Maple)>, which are the tuples of the named relation.

Usually, the relations of the relational model are viewed as tables. Fig. 1 shows an example of several relations viewed as tables. Together, they constitute a relational database. The first table in Fig. 1 is the table view of the relation described in the previous paragraph.
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