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Period-Stamped Temporal Models

  • Nikos A. LorentzosEmail author
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Interval-based temporal models


A period-stamped temporal model is a temporal data model for the management of data in which time has the form of a time period.

Historical Background

There are applications that require the recording and management not only of data but also of the time during which this data is valid (valid time). A typical example is the data maintained by pension and life insurance organizations in order to determine the benefits for which a person qualifies. Similarly, such organizations have to record their financial obligations at various times in the future.

There are also sensitive applications, in which it is important to record not only the data but also the time at which this data was either recorded in the database or deleted or updated (transaction time). This time is recorded automatically by the database management system (DBMS) and it cannot be modified by the user.

Finally, there are applications in which data, valid time, and...

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