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Multimedia Presentation Databases

  • V. S. SubrahmanianEmail author
  • Maria Vanina Martinez
  • D. R. Reforgiato
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Multimedia presentation databases


A multimedia presentation consists of a set of media objects (such as images, text objects, video clips, and audio streams) presented in accordance with various temporal constraints specifying when the object should be presented, and spatial constraints specifying where the object should be presented on a screen. Today, multimedia presentations range from the millions of PowerPoint presentations users have created the world over, to more sophisticated presentations authored using tools such as Macromedia Director. Multimedia presentation databases provide the mechanisms needed to store, access, index, and query such collections of multimedia presentations.

Historical Background

Multimedia presentations have been in existence since the 1980s, when PowerPoint emerged as a presentation paradigm and animated computer video games started gaining popularity. Both of these paradigms allowed a multimedia presentation author to specify a set...

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