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Multimedia Retrieval Evaluation

  • Thijs WesterveldEmail author
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Multimedia Retrieval Evaluation is the activity of measuring the effectiveness of one or more multimedia search techniques. A common way of evaluating multimedia retrieval systems is by comparing them to each other in community wide benchmarks. In such benchmarks participants are invited to submit their retrieval results for a given set of topics, the relevance of the submitted items is checked, and effectiveness measures for each of the submissions are reported. Multimedia retrieval evaluation measures the effectiveness of multimedia retrieval systems or techniques by looking at how well the information need as described by a topic is satisfied by the results retrieved by the system or technique. Efficiency of the techniques is typically not taken into account, but may be studied separately.

Historical Background

Until the mid-1990s, no commonly used evaluation methodology existed for multimedia retrieval. An important reason for this is that the field has merely been a...

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