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Histograms on Streams

  • Martin J. StraussEmail author
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Piecewise-constant approximations


A B-bucket histogram of length N is a partition of the set [0 , N) of N integers into intervals [b0 , b1) ∪ [b1 , b2) ∪ … ∪ [bB − 1 , bB), where b0 = 0 and bB = N, together with a collection of B heights hj, for 0 ≤ j < B, one for each bucket. On point query i, the histogram answer is hj, where j is the index of the interval (or “bucket”) containing i; that is, the unique j with bji < bj + 1. In vector notation, χS is the vector that is 1 on the set S and zero elsewhere and the answer vector of a histogram is \( \overrightarrow{H}={\displaystyle {\sum}_{0\le j<B^h_j}{\chi}_{\left[{b}_j,{b}_{j+1}\right).}} \)

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