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2018 Edition
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Feature-Based 3D Object Retrieval

  • Benjamin BustosEmail author
  • Tobias Schreck
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4614-8265-9_161


Shape descriptors; Three-dimensional similarity search


3D objects are an important type of data with many applications in domains such as Engineering and Computer Aided Design, Science, Simulation, Visualization, Cultural Heritage, and Entertainment. Technological progress in acquisition, modeling, processing, and dissemination of 3D geometry leads to the accumulation of large repositories of 3D objects. Consequently, there is a strong need to research and develop technology to support the effective retrieval of 3D object data from 3D repositories.

The feature-based approach is a prominent technique to implement content-based retrieval functionality for 3D object databases. It relies on extracting characteristic numerical attributes (so-called features) from a 3D object. These are often encoded as high-dimensional vectors which represent either the 3D object (global feature vector), or parts of it (local feature vectors). The 3D feature vectors in turn are used to...

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