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Biological Resource Discovery

  • Zoé LacroixEmail author
  • Cartik R. Kothari
  • Peter Mork
  • Rami Rifaieh
  • Mark D. Wilkinson
  • Juliana Freire
  • Sarah Cohen-Boulakia
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Resources for the Life Sciences include various expedients including (access to) data stored in flat files or databases (e.g., a query form or a textual search engine), links between resources (index or hyperlink), or services such as applications or tools. Resource discovery is the process of identifying and locating existing resources that have a particular property. Machine-based resource discovery relies on crawling, clustering, and classifying resources discovered on the Web automatically. Resource discovery systems allow the expression of queries to identify and locate resources that implement scientific tasks and have properties of interest.

Historical Background

Resource selection relies on the identification of the resources suitable to achieve each task and the ability to compose the selected resources into a meaningful and efficient executable protocol. Metadata constitute the core information requisite to evaluate the suitability of Life Sciences resources to...

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