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Weak Equivalence

  • Christian S. JensenEmail author
  • Richard T. Snodgrass
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Snapshot equivalence; Temporally weak


Informally, two tuples are snapshot equivalent or weakly equivalent if all pairs of timeslices with the same time instant parameter of the tuples are identical.

Let temporal relation schema R have n time dimensions, Di, i = 1,…, n, and let τ i, i = 1,…, n be corresponding timeslice operators, e.g., the valid timeslice and transaction timeslice operators. Then, formally, tuples x and y are weakly equivalent if
$$ \begin{aligned}&&\forall {t}_1\in {D}_1\dots \forall {t}_n\in {D}_n\left({\tau}_{t_n}^n\left(\dots \left({\tau}_{t_1}^1(x)\right.\right)\dots \right)\\&&{\quad}={\tau}_{t_n}^n\left(\dots \left(\left.{\tau}_{t_1}^1(y)\right)\dots \right)\right)\end{aligned} $$
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