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Workflow Model Analysis

  • W. M. P. van der AalstEmail author
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The correctness, effectiveness, and efficiency of the business processes supported by a workflow management system are vital to the organization. A workflow process definition which contains errors may lead to angry customers, backlog, damage claims, and loss of goodwill. Flaws in the design of a workflow definition may also lead to high throughput times, low service levels, and a need for excess capacity. This is why it is important to analyze a workflow process definition before it is put into production.

In order to analyze a workflow definition, it is necessary to translate the definition into a model suitable for analysis, e.g., a simulation model or a model that allows for verification techniques (e.g., a Petri net).

Key Points

Process-aware information systems are driven by process models. A typical example of a process-aware information system is a system generated using workflow management software. In such cases there is an explicit process model that can be used...

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