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Database Machine

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A database machine is a computer system which has special hardware designed and/or tuned for database accesses. Database machines may sometimes be coupled with a frontend server and, in this case, the database machines are called backend processors.

Key Points

The basic idea behind database machines was to put database computation closer to disk drives so as to achieve significant performance improvements. Database machines were actively studied in the 1970s and 1980s.

Early researchers explored filter processors which could efficiently examine data transferred from disk drives to a frontend server. Filter processors were categorized into four groups by D. DeWitt et al. [2]. A Processor-per-Track (PPT) machine is a system which consists of a number of cells (a set of tracks) and cell processors. As the data track rotates, the cell processor can scan the data and process search operations on the fly. A Processor-per-Head (PPH) machine is a system in which a processor is...

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