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Image Querying

  • Ilaria BartoliniEmail author
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Image query processing


Image querying refers to the problem of finding, within image databases (Image DBs), objects that are relevant to a user query. Classical solutions to deal with such problem include the semantic-based approach, for which an image is represented through metadata (e.g., keywords), and the content-based solution, commonly called content-based image retrieval (CBIR), where the image content is represented by means of low-level features (e.g., color and texture). While, for the semantic-based approach, the image querying problem can be simply transformed into a traditional information retrieval problem, for CBIR more sophisticated query evaluation techniques are required. The usual approach to deal with this is illustrated in Fig. 1: By means of a graphical user interface (GUI), the user provides a query image, by sketching it using graphical tools, by uploading an image, or by selecting an image supplied by the system. Low-level features are...
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