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Calendric System

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A calendric system is a collection of calendars. The calendars in a calendric system are defined over contiguous and non-overlapping intervals of an underlying time-line. Calendric systems define the human interpretation of time for a particular locale as different calendars may be employed during different intervals.

Key Points

A calendric system is the abstraction of time available at the conceptual and logical (query language) levels. As an example, a Russian calendric system could be constructed by considering the sequence of six different calendars used in that region of the world. In prehistoric epochs, the Geologic calendar and Carbon-14 dating (another form of calendar) are used to measure time. Later, during the Roman empire, the lunar calendar developed by the Roman republic was used. Pope Julius, in the first century b.c., introduced a solar calendar, the Julian calendar. This calendar was in use until the 1917 Bolshevik revolution when the Gregorian calendar,...

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