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Comparative Visualization

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Comparative analysis


Comparative visualization refers to
  1. 1.

    Methods that support the process of understanding in what way different datasets are similar or different

  2. 2.

    Methods that allow comparing different characteristics of a given dataset

  3. 3.

    Methods that allow a comparison of different types of (linked) data graphics


Key Points

Comparisons of datasets may occur in different ways. Data value to data value (entries of different datasets are compared to one another based on their values), derived quantity to derived quantity (these could be statistical moments of data fields or topological characteristics), methodology to methodology (comparisons of methodologies involve quantifying differences in experiment or simulation parameters), and, if the data are visualized, image to image (such comparisons quantify the differences in the visualizations produced by a given graphical method).

Comparative visualization methods have been developed as an enabling...

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